New Year’s Eve Drop on State Street

On New Year’s Eve, many cities throughout the United States mark the beginning of a new year through the rising or lowering of an object at midnight. Many of these events are patterned off the celebration that has been held at New York City‘s Times Square since 1908, where a large crystal ball is lowered down a pole atop One Times Square.

Many communities have adopted a similar celebration frequently using a community identifier reflective of the city’s culture, industry or history, such as a Peach, in Georgia; a cowboy boot, in New Mexico; a Pine cone, in Arizona, all imitating the ball drop of Times Square.

Thousands gather in town centers to count down the New Year, but prior to the actual countdown and drop, streets are lined with party goers and businesses bulge with customers celebrating “out with the old and in with the new”.

This year the Redlands Chamber of Commerce and the City of Redlands are joining the hundreds of communities that celebrate the incoming year by dropping a spectacular lighted orange.

The downtown businesses including, retail, restaurants and bars will have the benefit of having thousands of thirsty, hungry customers looking for a place to land, while waiting for the change of year. The hotel industry will capitalize on the event by creating packages that include shuttling guests to and from the event, over-night stays with additional benefits fitting the New Year’s celebration.

For those looking for something a little more traditional, the VIP venue, at Speakeasy on State Street will entice customers to the warm toasty confines of indoor celebrating as they bide their time waiting for the “Orange Drop”, followed by a dazzling fireworks show. Tickets include private parking and a private Orange Drop viewing area.

As has been demonstrated in hundreds of cities across the nation that have been ringing in the New Year in this fashion for years, the economic infusion is remarkable, and the showcase of community and local businesses is notable.

Sponsored by Mirau, Edwards, Cannon, Lewin and Tooke, Teamsters 1932 and Brixton Capital, the Orange Drop on State Street will include a DJ, dancing in the streets, specialty drinks and dinners and much, much more.

So gather up your friends and family and head to downtown Redlands to celebrate the arrival of 2018.