Six reasons to Shop Redlands FIRST

1: Convenience: Doing business locally can save travel time, gasoline, traffic aggravation and searching for a parking space.

2: Personal Service: Redlands abounds with small, independent, family-run businesses. Doing business with people you know is one of the many nice things about shopping in Redlands.

3: Value: In Redlands, you’re more likely to find “extras” that add value to your purchase, such as personal service from people who care.

4: Community Support: Countless Redlands businesses generously support organizations and events that are vital to your community, such as the fire and police departments, youth recreation programs and school activities.

5: Multiplier Effect: Purchasing locally re-circulates your money through your local community, maintaining jobs and keeping Redlands economy growing.

6: Shop Redlands First Extra Benefit! Sales tax revenues reduce what must be raised through property taxes. So it really does “pay” to shop Redlands first!

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